A National Historic District – The oldest continuously running suburban trolley line in the USA. Come and enjoy a living, breathing experience riding historic, restored trolleys through scenic surroundings!
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Shore Line Trolley Car 34 Print

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The Shore Line Trolley Museum has been an important part of the community since its incorporation in 1945 as the Branford Electric Railway Association. It was founded to preserve the unique heritage of an endangered species — the trolley car — and today boasts a collection of nearly 100 vintage vehicles as well as artifacts and documents from the trolley era. 

Car 34 was the first car to be owned by the Shore Line Trolley Museum and was acquired during the early days of the railway in 1945. Originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, it would later run in Wildwood, New Jersey. These trolleys were often referred to as “Breezer cars” in reference to its removed sides which would allow airflow on a hot summer day. Today, car #34 can be viewed on a visit to the museum.

This 9''x12" Print depicts car 34 rumbling down to Short Beach along the beautiful Farm River estuary. 

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