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A.C. Gilbert's Heritage

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The book A.C. Gilbert's Heritage is being reprinted after a 33-year hiatus. The 164-page 8 ½ x 11 inches softcover perfect bound book features a collection of informative American Flyer/Erector articles and photos including:

-Gilbert family history
-Illuminating interviews with Sales Manager Maury Romer
-Gilbert Gallery of photos with one-of-a-kind items and mockup train models...have you ever seen a Gilbert anti-aircraft gun on a flatcar or an Erector dirigible?
-See Gilbert price list from 1951 (65 years ago!)
-Gilbert advertising artwork
-Photos of the Chicago Gilbert Hall of Science
-Complete 1947 to 1965 highlight descriptions of American Flyer trains and accessories
-Rare AF Circus Sets
-Gilbert s outside suppliers: Colber, Mini-Craft, Bachmann
-1956 Gilbert s colorful comic books
-AF dealer displays, signage to complete layouts
-Those fascinating Erector Sets
-See how the Gilbert factory was laid out - The intense WWII work at Gilbert

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