A National Historic District – The oldest continuously running suburban trolley line in the USA. Come and enjoy a living, breathing experience riding historic, restored trolleys through scenic surroundings!
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This year, the Shore Line Trolley Museum celebrates its 75th anniversary!

Created in 1945 to operate the oldest continuously operated suburban trolley line in the US, the museum today cares for nearly 100 vintage transit vehicles, more than 50,000 archival images, and about 1,000 small artifacts such as tokens, hat badges, and ticket punches. As we think about the next 75 years, we know there will be new challenges.


While we operate during today’s pandemic, we are also working to connect with new generations of visitors. The Shore Line Trolley Museum relies on the generous support of donors and volunteers to ensure its future. Together, we can help the museum weather today’s crises and emerge stronger than ever.  As museum supporter and Honorary Chair of the Vision 2020 campaign Bob Terhune said recently, “I'd hate to think of a day when the wheels are no longer turning, and 75 years of hard work by so many generations of volunteers goes by the wayside.”

Please consider joining long-time members like Bob Terhune in supporting the museum in this difficult time. Your donation makes it possible for us to share the living, breathing experience of riding beautifully restored historic trolleys through scenic surroundings for the next 75 years – and beyond.